Venue/ Location


Between ships and beaches: Kiel University

The summer school will take place in university lecture rooms that have been especially equipped for both linguistic research and interactive lessons. The rooms feature, among other things, individual PC workstations involving pre-installed speech processing tools, smart boards and sound-treated facilities for the recording and analysis of speech. Taking advantage of the language diversity and the Baltic atmosphere in and around Kiel, the summer school will be rounded off with a varied social programme offering a high-robe/ climbing course, a get-together at the beach as well as trips to the Kiel Observatory or the Low German theatre.

Located by a firth at the Baltic Sea approximately 90 km north of Hamburg, the city of Kiel has become one of the major maritime (and high-tech shipbuilding) centres of Germany and is known for a variety of international sailing events. Large ferries to Scandinavia or Russia and huge cruise liners from all over the world come to anchor directly behind the main station. For students seeking tranquility and fresh sea breezes, the university campus is just a stone’s throw away from the beaches and seaside resorts that line up along the Baltic coast.

Lecture Rooms of the Summer School



The main university campus is located in the north-western part of Kiel. The summer school will take place on this main campus, more specifically in the new lecture building "Leibnizstr. 1" (LS1), which is located at the corner Olshausenstr./Leibnizstr., next to a big student car park, cf. photographs above. The main lecture room of the summer school is R.204 on the second floor of the building. For parallel sessions, we have additional lecture rooms on the first floor: R.104a/b and 106a/b.

Almost directly opposite the workshop venue are the buildings of the faculty of arts (LS8-10) with their linguistic departments and institutions, many of which are involved in organizing the summer school. On the right hand side of the summer school venue is the new main university libary. Bus stops in the immediate vicinity of the summer school venue are:

  • “Universitätsbibliothek” (University library) – lines 81, 60S

  • “Leibnizstraße” – lines 81, 61, 62, 6 => get off the bus at this stop when you take line 6 from the accommodation (WAK)

  • “Unisportstätten” (University sports center) – lines 81, 61, 62, 6



A – Linguistic departments and institutions in faculty buildings LS8-10.

B – Bus stop “Universitätsbibliothek”

C – Bus stop “Leibnizstraße“, the purple building above the bus station (301) is the lecture building of the summer school "Leibnizstr.1"

D – Bus stop “Unisportstätten”


Internet Access During the Summer School


All lecture rooms will have Wi-Fi access to the EDUROAM network. EDUROAM is an acronym for roaming in the education and research area. If you have an EDUROAM account, you can simply go online whenever you want.

For those who have no EDUROAM account (or no laptop, tablet, or smartphone), we have made three PC workstations with high-speed internet access and OS Win7 available for the time of the summer school. They are located in the General Linguistics Dept., Leibnizstr. 10, 4th floor, Room 431 (cf. <A> in the above map).